VAT-201A Modification of annual return form in Form VAT-201A under the OVAT Rule 2005 Click Here
1 VAT-I Information by a dealer, deemed to be registered under the Odisha Value Added Tax Act, 2004. Click Here
2 VAT-001 Registration certificate for Dealers liable to pay turnover tax. Click Here
3 VAT-002 Return of turnover tax Click Here
4 VAT-002A Annual return of turnover tax payable by a dealer Click Here
5 VAT-101 Application for registration Click Here
6 VAT-101 A Details of additional places of Business/ Branches/ Godowns/ Warehouses in Odisha Click Here
7 VAT-101 B Address of branch offices/godowns located outside Odisha Click Here
8 VAT-101 C Declaration of Proprietors/Partners/Directors/ Authorised persons of the business. Click Here
9 VAT-101 D Declaration of Manager Etc. Click Here
10 VAT-102 Response to application for VAT registration (INTERIM) Click Here
11 VAT-103 RC for dealers liable to pay VAT Click Here
12 VAT-104 Notice for demand of security Click Here
13 VAT-105 Application for refund of security Click Here
14 VAT-106 Application for registration of dealers intending/liable to pay VAT in lieu of turnover tax Click Here
15 VAT-106 A Application For Registration Of Dealers Intending/Liable To Pay Turnover Tax In Lieu Of VAT Click Here
16 VAT-107 Intimation to a dealer on his liability to pay VAT in lieu of turnover tax Click Here
17 VAT-108 Application for amendment of RC Click Here
18 VAT-109 Intimation of sale of business to a registered dealer Click Here
19 VAT-110 Notice of suspension of RC Click Here
20 VAT-111 Show cause notice for failure to be register Click Here
21 VAT-201 Return of VAT Click Here
22 VAT-201 A Annual Return of Value Added Tax payable by a dealer. Click Here
23 VAT-202 Final return due to closure of business during the course of a tax period Click Here
24 VAT-203 Notice for failure to file return Omitted
25 VAT-204 Notice to unregistered dealers to file return Click Here
26 VAT-204 A Return For Unregistered Dealers Click Here
27 VAT-205 Show cause notice for failure to file return Click Here
28 VAT-206 Order imposing penalty for failure to file return Click Here
29 VAT-207 Show cause notice to u/r dealer for failure to file return Click Here
30 VAT-208 Order imposing penalty for failing to file return (U/r dealer). Click Here
31 VAT-209 Notice for less payment of tax Click Here
32 VAT-301 Notice for audit visit Click Here
33 VAT-302 Notice for production of document Click Here
34 VAT-303 Audit visit report Click Here
35 VAT-304 Notice of demand of tax on provisional assessment Click Here
36 VAT-305 Intimation of arithmetical mistake in the return Click Here
37 VAT-306 Notice for assessment of tax as a result of audit Click Here
38 VAT-307 Notice for assessment of tax on escaped turnover Click Here
39 VAT-308 Notice for assessment of tax on unregistered dealer liable to be registered under the act Click Here
40 VAT-309 Notice calling for return from a casual dealer Click Here
41 VAT-310 Information to be furnished by casual dealer Click Here
42 VAT-311 Return of total turnover of a casual dealer Click Here
43 VAT-311 A

Return Of Total Turnover Of Casual Dealer (Estimated Turnover)

Click Here
44 VAT-312 Order of assessment Click Here
45 VAT-313 Notice of demand Click Here
46 VAT-314 Notice of demand imposing penalty for failure to make payment of the unpaid amount of tax, interest,penalty. Click Here
47 VAT-315 Revised notice of demand Click Here
48 VAT-316 Demand for payment of tax from third party Click Here
49 VAT-317 Challan form Click Here
50 VAT-318 Order of Adjustment of Refund Click Here
51 VAT-319 Refund payment order Click Here
52 VAT-320 Application for refund of tax Click Here
53 VAT-321 Option for sanction of refund against Bank guarantee Click Here
54 VAT-322 Order of release of Bank guarantee Click Here
55 VAT-323 Application for refund to UNO Click Here
56 VAT-324 Application for refund of input tax credit carried forward for adjustment Click Here
57 VAT-401 Notice for production of accounts etc. Click Here
58 VAT-402 Way Bill Click Here
59 VAT-402 A Declaration Click Here
60 VAT-402 B Way Bill Click Here
61 VAT-403 Statement of Waybills utilized Click Here
62 VAT-404 Indemnity Bond Click Here
63 VAT-405 Notice when goods carried and not fully covered Click Here
64 VAT-406 Application, issue & receipt of transit pass Click Here
65 VAT-407 Notice levying tax and imposing penalty Click Here
66 VAT-407 A Levy Of Penalty And Assessment Of Tax Under Sub Section 11 Of Section 74 Click Here
67 VAT-408 Intimation regarding place of business Click Here
68 VAT-409 Application for issue of way bill Click Here
69 VAT-410 Application for more than one booklet of way bill Click Here
70 VAT-501 Form of appeal against order of assessment Click Here
71 VAT-502 Memorandum of appeal Click Here
72 VAT-503 Notice for remedy of defects Click Here
73 VAT-504 Notice for hearing Click Here
74 VAT-505 Register showing second appeal by State Click Here
75 VAT-506 Register showing second appeal by parties Click Here
76 VAT-507 Notice for hearing for admission Click Here
77 VAT-507 A Notice on admission of application seeking advance ruling Click Here
78 VAT-508 Notice for filing of memorandum Click Here
79 VAT-509 Notice of hearing Click Here
80 VAT-509 A Notice of hearing Click Here
81 VAT-509 B Notice of hearing Click Here
82 VAT-601 Application for exercising auction by works contractor Click Here
83 VAT-602 Notice for payment of tax by composition Click Here
84 VAT-603 Notice to deducting authority for TDS Click Here
85 VAT-603A Intimation of the name & address of the deducting authority Click Here
86 VAT-604 Notice of demand of excess input tax credit Omitted
87 VAT-605 Certificate for deduction  of tax at source Click Here
88 VAT-606 Application for grant of certificate for no deduction Click Here
89 VAT-607 Claim for credit of sales tax paid on goods in stock Click Here
90 VAT-607 A Claim For Credit Of Sales Tax Paid On Goods In Stock On The Day Of Registration If Such Purchases Were Made Within 3 Months Prior To Such Date / On The Day Of Assignment Of TIN From SRIN Click Here
91 VAT-608 Intimation of sales tax credit admitted Click Here
92 VAT-608 A Intimation Of Sales Tax Credit Admitted (New Provision) Click Here
93 VAT-609 Application for enrollment Click Here
94 VAT-610 Register of sales tax practitioner Click Here
95 VAT-611 Application for issue of clearance certificate Click Here
96 VAT-611 A Application for issue of clearance certificate to a person / dealer not registered under the Odisha value added tax act Click Here
97 VAT-612 Clearance certificate Click Here
98 VAT-612 A Clearance certificate Click Here
99 VAT-613 Notice intimating the prevailing market price Click Here
100 VAT-614 Notice for purchase of goods Click Here
101 VAT-615 Notice for unauthorized/ excess collection of tax Click Here
102 VAT-616 Certificate to be issued by the proprietor / authorized officer of the unit located in an sez / stp / ehtp or an eou to the selling dealer on purchase of goods Click Here